Flashing Lights

Red and blue lights flashed in the night behind me. I watched the officer approaching in the mirror. He reached my window, peered in for a moment, tapped. I didn't roll it down yet; I needed to think of what I would say. He tapped again, this time to a little rhythm, and I rolled it down.

"Sir, do you have any idea how fast you were going?"

We both knew I hadn't been speeding. Even if I had, everyone sped through this area. I thought for a moment.

"Yes," I said.

A twitch at the side of his mouth. "All right. License and registration then."

This always happened, every single time I came to visit. I pulled out my wallet, opened it slowly, angling the small amount of cash towards him, flipped through it. I gauged his reaction. He just looked stern. I handed him my license.

"Mr. Sag Arrow, is it?" He smirked.

He mispronounced it on purpose. It's Sagaro.

"Your picture is terrible."

He handed the license back, then looked at what else I'd handed him. It was a gift card to Olive Garden.

"What's this for?"

"A bribe, obviously."

And then Jack laughed. "Well it's certainly better than the two dollars you tried to show off to me just now."

"Well, I missed your birthday last week, thought I'd give it to you when I saw you at Mom's place. But since you always like to do this," I gestured back at his car and the flashing lights, "I figured I'd keep it handy."

"Yeah, someone has to keep you in line, show you who's boss. Tell Mom I'll be around for lunch tomorrow."

"Will do, I'll see you then." I gave a quick wave.

"Yep, drive safe." He nodded and walked back. The lights turned off, and I pulled away. Just as I got back up to speed, lights began flashing in my mirrors again. I grunted and pulled over once more. As soon as I came to a full stop, he flipped the lights off and roared past me. Very funny.