Some are funny. All are dark.
ChosenIcon Chosen 1,311 words
CoincidenceIcon Coincidence 1,635 words
DealingIcon Dealing 2,081 words
FiveYearsIcon Five Years 602 words
FlamingHotIcon Flaming Hot 288 words
FlashingLightsIcon Flashing Lights 341 words
FlyingHighIcon Flying High 1,425 words
GrizzlyIcon Grizzly 773 words
HowToBecomeALeprechaunIcon How to Become a Leprechaun 676 words
IntruderIcon Intruder 998 words
ItsTheCatIcon It's the Cat 640 words
JustSleepingIcon Just Sleeping 624 words
LongingIcon Longing 1,122 words
MarvelousManIcon Marvelous Man 282 words
MrsWilsonIcon Mrs. Wilson 112 words
NadiaIcon Nadia 828 words
NotReallyThereIcon Not Really There 1,342 words
ShadowIcon Shadow 675 words
SouthAmericanSpinnerTurtleIcon South American Spinner Turtle 499 words
SunsetIcon Sunset 1,195 words
ThatPlaceIcon That Place 3,143 words
TheDreamIcon The Dream 489 words
ThePowerOfFireIcon The Power of Fire 2,305 words
TheTrialIcon The Trial 2,865 words
UndeadPetIcon Undead Pet 3,675 words
UnderTheHillIcon Under the Hill 2,157 words